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Person of Interest Squee
Hello Dawn and the Internet,

Today I should like to squee about Person of Interest. Mostly about Person of Interest and slash, so in reality, this is a squee about slash. Although it will be full of Very Deep Thoughts regarding this show. Well. Regarding this show and slash. But they will be deep.

So, I think this show is amazing. I bullied my sister into watching this show because I think it is amazing, and now she thinks it's amazing. Five episodes in and I've been continually impressed with it, although I am still holding some reservations that things might go terribly wrong in the future, because I've been hurt like that in the past.

When I was telling Dawn to watch Person of Interest she asked me if there was slash in it, and I was all, "...Well... I'm going to say there is," because I was totally slashing the main characters at that point, but I recognized that this might be a hard sell.

In order to properly explain my feelings on this matter, I first have to go back to Hawaii Five-O. H50 was my new show of last year. I started watching it because my dad, who is old enough to have watched the original, was going to miss it and he was bummed about it, so I told him I would watch it for him and give him the recap. And then, about ten minutes into the show, it was all, "Oh, hello. You're pretty. And gay. I love this." And my dad was less than impressed with the show, and it was really had to explain that I only watched it for the gay.

And then the internet exploded over it, writing all kinds of slash, and I felt rather vindicated with my assessment of the show.

I think it goes back to something elspethdixon wrote in her ship manifesto for Steve/Tony (I would link to it if I knew how. Or if I was sure I was allowed to. I'm not sure what the protocol to linking to things is), about how for her, there were some fandoms that the gay is largely wishful thinking and other fandoms where the gay is pretty much canonically there. (I'm paraphrasing.) And I thought that was really wise, and a good point. For me, H50, Merlin, BBC Sherlock (hell, all of Sherlock Holmes), Ben 10, and a whole bunch of other shows, the slash is pretty much canon. (Re: Ben 10-- I love Gwen. Gwen is awesome, Gwen is everything a teenage girl should be in fiction, and I really do like her with Kevin, but so often during the show I just want to go, "Oh, sweetie, you're better than this. Your boyfriend is in love with your cousin and you just need to accept that." And that's not even touching on the Julie aspect where it's, "Your boyfriend is in love with himself and as soon as he notices outside sexuality, he will eventually realize he's gay. Since he is not ta very good boyfriend to you right now, you really should dump his ass.")

Anyway. Back to my point.

Person of Interest is harder to classify. It's not so, "Oh, hello. Gay," as say, H50 was. In fact, it has one up on H50 in that it actually has a plot, and action, and character driven problems, so you don't really need the slash as a reason to keep watching because it's just so amazing. (This reveals to the world the fact that the slash is largely the reason I watch anything. Who's surprised?)

I'm calling it my favorite superhero show at the moment, because it totally *is* a superhero show. Reese and Finch are Batman split into two people. It has the requisite tragic backstory for both characters, and the good cop that's chasing them down who you know is going to end up helping them by the time the show is over, and it just has all the good things that a superhero should have. All the things that shows like No Ordinary Family, The Cape,  and to some extent, Heroes, all failed to have.

Finch and Reese are both broken men. As soon as the show opened up with Reese and his girlfriend and him losing her and getting all sad, I was all, "Oh no, not another one." Because it seems like every show needs to have the main character lose a wife/girlfriend/child/both to have epic manpain. Gibbs in NCIS pulled it off very nicely, but other shows, like Leverage, Mentalist, Dark Blue, Unforgettable, all sort of annoy me because it just seems so gratuitous and that there's other ways to make a character interesting without giving them a requisite tragic backstory.

But Person of Interest isn't like that at all. Both men have a tragic backstory and it *drives* them to do good. It's what's driving them to go out and save people. Which is how a tragic backstory works in the superhero mythos, like with Batman and Spiderman. Whereas say, something like the Mentalist, where he's using his tragedy for revenge and he doesn't actually care about the people he helps, it's just a way to pass the time until he finds Red John.

And the thing about Finch and Reese and how they're both broken men is that they literally complete each other. Reese has the ability to do good, but he didn't have the way, and Finch had the way but he didn't have the ability. The two *need* each other in order to complete the job, they wouldn't be able to do what they do without the other person. And I think that, right there, is a deeper bond than anyone else has currently on a television. It *is* a very deep bond, even if they don't fully trust each other yet.

Also, again with the literally: They literally only have each other. While Finch has been very mysterious about his past, we gather that everyone he knew thinks he's dead, and the same goes with Reese. They don't have any other friends or family or coworkers; the only outside contact with humanity they get is with one another.

Right now, Reese tries to find out about Finch as much as he can, and Finch resists. There is a mysterious man in Finch's past and I am guessing that he is the one Finch lost that made him want to go out and help people. It's been implied anyway. I think it would be absolutely amazing if the show actually went in the direction of Finch actually being gay, because so few network television shows ever go in that direction. But regardless, you can tell Finch doesn't want Reese getting too close because otherwise he might lose someone else he cares about.

Dawn describes the show as a "slow courtship," and I think that's valid. The show builds up the slash, the two men are learning how to be human again, how to function again, how to live for something greater than their pain, and it's going to take awhile before they can call each other friends. But I think there is a slow flirtation, and I really like where it's going, and I want to see more of it.

So i am avidly watching the show. And who knows, there may even be fanfiction in the future, but that would require getting over my Steve/Tony fixation, which doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.


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*ponders* Huh.

Please forgive the out-of-nowhere drop-in; I found myself with the oddest craving to type 'person of interest slash' in the LJ search box, and this is apparently the closest I'm going to get. But the Very Deep Thoughts, they intrigue me and make me gently grasp my chin and go "hm, yes, this does make sense," so while my love of the gay is slightly disappointed, I think my intellect is more than satisfied.

I confess, I tried watching the show, but having missed the pilot and the first several episodes, I couldn't seem to get into it. I am indeed curious about the mysterious Misters Reese and Finch, but without the history, I found it rather... one-dimensional and with a predictable formula: a person in trouble, so the Quiet, Troubled, Skilled Man Outside The System comes to the rescue with the guidance of the Quiet, Dignified, Smart Man Who Makes The System His Bitch, there is danger and excitement, see you next week. Please, hold your torches and pitchforks; perhaps I'm just uninitiated. Or maybe I got so used to watching shows simultaneously with my best friend that watching something by myself doesn't seem all that appealing without someone with whom to squee and to exchange ideas.

The first time I watched the show, it quite simply couldn't hold my interest. Second time I watched it, it was with my dad, and I had to admit that it did make certain small switchboard lights in my brain flash faintly. I think I just got used to Burn Notice and how amazingly clever and witty and engaging it is, but perhaps PoI has the potential to be a Clever Show too. I think I might need to watch the pilot after all.

The analysis on Reese and Finch... just Yes. I would be all for that. Though it can be delicious at times, it seems too many shows nowadays are more bond-on-the-go, 'oh, just get a room already!' and less cautious, involved, and strategically planned relationships.

In my mind's eye, I see perhaps a quiet steak dinner, and Finch looks like something is hurting--side question, does the show ever state why Finch never turns his head and why he walks stiffly and sometimes with a cane?--and Reese rubs the pain away not because he's lusty but because he likes knowing he can make Finch feel better (and because Finch tends to make these adorable little incoherent mumbly noises when he's got his face half-buried in his pillow and Reese is putting him to sleep with a neck rub).

Oh, now look what you did! This was just an idle, out-of-nowhere fic itch. I seriously did not have room in my head for another fandom! (And now I want to see a crossover fic where Reese sits down to lunch with Michael Westen from Burn Notice. Two peas in a pod, I'd think.)

Thank you so much for your random comment! I am so happy to meet another PoI fan, even if you aren't fully committed to it yet. (Commit, commmmiiiiiittt, there is always room for another fandom, this is an awesome fandom to get into. Well. I mean it will be, when there's more of a fandom. It's an awesome show.)

I definitely think this is one of those shows you need to watch linearly, and the pilot will help. It hints to a lot of backstory that it's slowly revealing, and I love the slow reveal. I haven't watched much of Burn Notice, and it's probably not as witty (it's more serious, I think), but that's an interesting comparison.

The show has only revealed that Finch has some sort of spinal injury, but they haven't revealed what happened to him yet.

I really liked your scenario! You should write that! (Because there neeeeeeds to be more slash in this fandom). But, if you don't mind, I kindly appropriated bits of it to write a short fic. If you're feeling a void in the slash, you could go check that out!

Thanks for stopping by!

No problem with the stopping by! Kinda glad I forgot to close this tab and that I decided to hit refresh just now. I was starting to pout.

I do need to watch it from the beginning. But I think in return, you also need to watch the pilot of Burn Notice; it's witty as hell, lots of clever dialogue and situations, and could supply you with lots and lots of operational fodder for Reese to use in his little missions, plus narrative dialogue to help you understand the mind of a spy. Example, 99% of the time, people never wipe off their fingerprint scanners, so bring a little graphite dust and Silly Putty and whaddaya got? The fingerprint you need! And since you always need to take good care to not break all the little bones in your hands, the best place to ambush somebody is in a bathroom. Lots of nice, hard surfaces to bash people against. ^_^

I've got a lot of unfinished fic on my plate already, but I happily approve your appropriation of my scenario. Always glad to leave prompts if it leads to the creation of fic. And by the by, I also have a rather strong image of Reese being one of those guys who likes to dote on people and Finch is rather accustomed to being a hermit, so maybe Finch wakes up one day and sees a rose laying on his keyboard and despite the dignified, almost robotic way he talks, he sees the rose and he stutters and flusters for like, an hour, because he didn't expect it and has no idea what to do with it and he's flattered and it's also a little weird and what does he do with it again, and he makes this weird little noise every time he glances at it in the vase Reese silently places on his desk, kind of a tiny hmph noise like he's trying to convince himself that he don't need no steeeenking roses, he tries to pretend he doesn't liiiiiike iiiiiit, and Reese just stands back, slouches against the doorway with his arms crossed, and smiles.

*pauses to breathe*

That's how I see the beginning of the relationship, when they finally agree that there is a relationship to be had. It's Reese's turn to make the first move, and it makes Finch turn into a hen, figuratively speaking.

I'm sorry to drop in like this, but I found your imagined scenario too adorable. Though in my mind, the rose is...Eggs Benedict from that diner. XD

Hello, fellow POI fan. I am going to rant and rave, now. I hope you don't mind.

Thing is Batman was my absolute FAVORITE Superhero, because HE WASN'T A "Super"hero. He was mortal. He was human. But he was so, so brilliant and broken and wonderful, and I started slashing him and Superman. I have over twenty drabbles/ficlets on them. They basically took me over during the summer months.

And THEN came Sherlock, and Merlin, and well, before them came Doctor Who (the Doctor/the Master FTW XP). BBC's Sherlock made me fall in love, and then made me seek out the other versions of Sherlock Holmes, and wherever Sherlock is, so is John Watson.


Holmes and Watson. Sherlock and John. THEY BELONG TOGETHER. I give a flying f**k about Mary, yes she was nice, but John deserves Sherlock. End of story.

And MERLIN. God, the palpable slashiness, the oh so good angst, and the sheer brilliance of the episodes... God help me, it sucked me in completely. Arthur/Merlin and Gwaine/Merlin are my favorite ships.

And it was also palpable. IN CANON. I didn't even have to stretch my imagination much, and voila! There was the multitudes of fanfic authors who caught on ages before I did.

It may make me really, really bad, but Person of Interest has just become my newest favorite American Television show.

Oh my god, I'm a freaking fangirl.

Oh well. Might as well embrace it.

So yes. In short?



I sometimes seriously think we all need some kind of support group. Or perhaps just a place we can all meet and talk about slash? It seems necessary to live.

Oh my god, I love Batman/Superman. Have you read mithen's work? I think she's great for that pairing. Are you ficlets on line? I will have to check those out if they are.

But sometimes television makes it easy for us fangirls, and I think that is an awesome thing about television, because sometimes the writers are fangirls too. (Or fanboys. Those exist)

Glad you agree. :)

OH MY GOD. Mithen, tmelange and brady_girl12(my beta! SQUEEEEE!) are all like my IDOLS when it comes to S/B slash!

And yes, of COURSE I posted them! They're all on my masterlist, all but Ressurrection, my WIP.*shameless pimping*

Hai thar! Coming to this post in random fly-by via jetpack_angel so I hope you don't mind.

But I love you for comparing this to H50. H50 is my show, has been since last year. And before H50, I never slashed. Never saw it in my shows, never really wrapped my brain around it. Then H50 came around and like you, I had that moment were I said, "Dudes. These two guys are in love." Then,a fter a while and a LOT of reading the freakishly AWESOME slash fic in that fandom, I finally got it. Because Steve and Danny? Yeah, they've been courting since ep 1.

With Person of Interest, the 2 leads pulled me in. Mostly because of the way Emerson and Caveizel play them. What interests me about them is that I saw mostly pre-slash for them at first.

These two guys make you work for it in their relationship. Where Danny and Steve sorta imprinted on each other from the beginning, Reese and Finch are still circling, they still have that delicious push pull.

It is that slow courtship - and it tickles me no end that it's big bad Reese who's doing the pigtail pulling and the subtle flirtatious tones - that makes me nuts for these two guys. There is a woefully short list of great fic for this show.

I, too, would like to see them explore a perhaps gay relationship with Finch's background and that Ingram guy who died. Unfortunately, CBS won't go there, they aren't that cool.

Reese and Finch are two parts of a whole, needing each other more than either will admit and to me, that is the best kind of addictive character driven crack. Where H50 is relatively easy, PoI is harder on their 'ship.

If I wasn't bogged down in H50 fic for the holidays, I'd try to wrangle something out of my muse for these two. PoI needs more fic like whoa

Oh man, my own journal just deleted my reply comment to you. I resent this.

Annnywaaay, what I said in the comment that didn't get posted was:

Heh, well, H50 certainly made the slash easy, and that's such a wonderful fandom to get into slashing with because it's just so *obvious* I am fairly certain the writers of that show are shipping that pairing. Or at least, the actors are. There's just so much chemistry!

I like the slow courtship Reese and Finch have going on for them, and I LOVE that it's *Reese* who initiates most of the contact!

Oh man, don't ruin my dreams that CBS will go there. CBS could totally go there! Maybe. I will remain optimistic until proven otherwise.

You should totally write something for them! PoI needs more fic! H50 has tons and tons, give to fandom charity! (I say this, having barely written any fic in any fandom. Big hypocrite that I am. But you should still totally write something because this pairing needs some loving.)

Thanks for stopping by!

(And I hope this gets posted this time./That I haven't accidentally posted this twice.)

Four months later, they are still courting, but you can totally see theu are getting there.
I was hooked to this how from the beginning. For all the reasons you gave. And h50, right there with you.
And now Im off to look for more PoI fiction. Is sad, but there isnt as much as it should be.

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